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When I am asked what I would do if I could do exactly what I wanted to do, you know, the dream job, I realize that I am doing exactly that.  It is such a privilege to pour into other leaders who have a heart and vision to then pour into others.  SOAR was awesome this year and the theme was Three Chairs – Discipleship and we were challenged to sit in the middle chair.  Who is the Paul in your life that is pouring into you and who is your Timothy that you are pouring into? 

One of the things God reminded me of was said by Scott Attebery, “Discipleship is more about progress than it is perfection.”  Every one of us has challenges and struggles.  We need coaches, mentors, and examples to follow.  We can also learn from those younger than us and even less experienced than us.  None of us have arrived and we must make sure that we remain teachable, flexible, and good listeners.  Here is some more wisdom from a young leader, P.J. Noland at Oasis Church;   

“The ear that listens to life-giving reproof will dwell among the wise.” Pro. 15:31 “If we expect those that lead alongside us and over us to delegate authority to us, then we must be open to receive coaching from them.  Leadership expert John Maxwell says, ‘To be coachable you have to be approachable.’  Before we can even ask ourselves if we’re coachable, I think we must honestly answer if we’re approachable.  

As a leader do you allow others ahead of you to speak in to your life?  Are you willing to listen to things you may not want to hear, but need to hear?  Do you give those before you permission to constructively critique you?  If you find the right coaches, you can expect those people to speak truth in to your life not to hurt you, but to help you.  

     How do we become coachable leaders? 

     1. Seek Ongoing Feedback – After watching several of my own sermons online I quickly learned that the applause of men can be very, very deceiving.  Yes, we all need encouragement.  But we also need honest feedback.  We need to invite leaders more experienced to coach us to become more effective leaders for the kingdom of God.  Not so that we can serve for their approval.  But so that we can serve more efficiently for His glory!  I encourage you to invite a few trusted and respected leaders that you look up to, to begin giving you some honest feedback about your life and ministry. As they pour in to you, you can pour better in to others.

     2.  Seek Mentoring Moments – I’ve probably driven some of my mentors crazy seeking out moments of mentoring.  But it’s in those moments where I’ve learned to be a better husband, leader, and friend.  Mentoring moments do not have to take place with your Bible and Greek lexicon open.  There’s nothing wrong with studying the Bible with a seasoned leader, but I’ve probably been mentored more by watching godly men actually live out what they observed during their quiet times.  Invite your mentor out for coffee, to go hunting, or any other common interest.  Your mentor doesn’t have to be someone you know personally.  I’ve been mentored from a distance by authors, pastors, and even men and women from scripture.  It’s not so much about how you’re mentored as it is that you have mentors.    

     3.  Seek Leadership Development – Leaders that lead up are leaders that listen, learn, read, and adjust properly along the way.  The truth is, until we get to heaven each of us have lessons to be learned and skills to sharpen.  If we’re going to lead up like Joshua we’d better be seeking leadership development along the way.  Leadership development can come through books, feedback, mentoring, podcasts, seminars, reading scripture, listening to sermons, and many other ways.  But as long as you and I wear the hat of an overseer, we desire an honorable position, so we’d better be seeking to become better leaders.

     Leaders, let’s lead up and along the way remember what a colleague of mine tweeted recently @nathanbrewer89: “Hopeful in the Grace God offers us young guys who think we have ministry figured out. He will lovingly reveal to us our foolishness.”