Is Jesus Enough?

We look for affirmation of our worth in many different places. If we are not careful we allow what we do to define who we are. The reality is that only Jesus can tell you who you are. He should define your sense of security and wholeness. He gives us our identity and the meaning of life. He is the one who shows us our purpose for being in the equation. Your identity, security, and significance must come from Him and Him alone. As we develop intimacy with Him we become less dependent upon the need for other people to tell us who we are.

When we allow other people to tell us who we are then we are very susceptible to the ups and downs of popular opinion. We will be easily crushed when there is criticism. We will also be tempted to be corrupted by the applause when the praise of people comes our way. We allow others to determine our worth or our inadequacies. Then the crowd we run with is in control of whether we feel we are ok or not. Is Jesus enough to find our worth in Him and who He tells we are as His children?

Is Jesus enough when people let me down? Is Jesus enough when people seem to not notice me? Is Jesus enough when someone else gets promoted over me? Is Jesus enough when you feel unappreciated? Following Jesus does not guarantee that you will be wealthy, healthy, or successful! Following Jesus doesn’t mean when I follow Him that everything always goes right. Following Him means that no matter what happen…He is enough in the good times and in the bad times as well. It is not what He can give us but that He is enough all by Himself.

The apostles were faithfully proclaiming the gospel in Acts 4 and do you know what the fruit of their efforts was? They were imprisoned, beaten, and told to quit preaching the gospel or else. Yet, they left the place rejoicing because Jesus was enough. You pursue healing but you are not healed; is Jesus still enough? You pursue that job but you are not hired; is Jesus still enough? You pursue that relationship but it does not happen; is Jesus still enough? Is He enough to complete you even in the most difficult trials and tribulations?

First, is Jesus enough when you are suffering? Suffering is not easy and none of us adapt to it naturally. When we are called to sacrifice it hurts and the hurt is real. The key here is having a deeper desire than simply avoiding the pain and trials. The deeper motivation is that we want to do the will of God and glorify Him with our lives. We can face any tribulation trusting Him to go through the fire with us and that “all things work together for good to them that love God.” We can trust Him that He will never leave us nor forsake us and that His grace is sufficient.

Second, is Jesus enough when you feel abandoned and all alone? Unfortunately, people will let us down and disappoint us. Sometimes those closest to us can hurt us the deepest when they mistreat us. Recently I read, “Those who make love their goal in life are going to hurt deeply when they are rejected, unappreciated, exploited, or opposed by the very people they seek to love.” How true that is and, yes, it does hurt and it hurts deeply. Jesus understands what it means to be betrayed and for followers to turn away.

Third, is Jesus enough when we feel like a failure? Following Jesus does not guarantee that you will be “successful.” I also read, “Sometimes our crises can become opportunities for a fresh experience of the glory of God’s affirmation. Human experience can become an opportunity to experience the depth of divine acceptance. Then the thrill of being ministered to by God more than compensates for the pain that people inflict on us.” Don’t forget what Psalm 27:10 says, “For my father and mother have forsaken me, but the Lord will take me in.”

Fourth, is Jesus enough when your ministry is struggling? It is easy to begin keeping score and comparing ourselves to other ministries. We know the main requirement of our Lord is faithfulness but we begin to be envious of other ministries. The inner turmoil causes us to begin having fears and doubts and if we are not careful even envy and bitterness. Insecurity comes from listening to what others are saying and doing. Insecurity makes it very hard to handle criticism and obstacles when they come our way but when our security is in Christ we snap back quickly.

Fifth, is Jesus enough for us to continue and not quit? Our intimacy with Christ is what will keep us in the game when we want to run away. We all like to escape from difficult challenges, trials, and confrontations. The temptation will always be present to run from the heat of the battle and go somewhere where the grass is greener and the people easier to get along with. When Jesus is enough we will refuse to run from our call when we are overwhelmed. Instead, we will run to Him for our strength and comfort.

Is Jesus enough for every situation in our lives? Psalm 73 gives us the solution when we are overwhelmed by trials and difficulties. Instead of running to a different location we are to get into His presence. Verses 16-17 say, “But when I thought how to understand this, it seemed to me a wearisome task, until I went into the sanctuary of God; then I discerned their end.” Dr. Adrian Rodgers once said, “A change in locations never guarantees a change of character.” Jesus is enough for your salvation, your forgiveness, and for your daily victory!

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