Prayer Care Share

Mission America is connected with the Lausanne Conference with their focus on reaching all of North America with the gospel.  They have begun a new campaign called Love 2020 with a threefold approach of Prayer, Care, and Share.  They state, “The vision of Love 2020 is for every person in America to be loved by at least one Christ follower, who is living a prayer-care-share lifestyle by the year-end of 2020.”  The spirit and passion to blanket our country with the gospel of Jesus Christ was very compelling.

It was my joy and privilege to meet with Mission America last week in Chicago, IL.  They invited twelve different affinity groups to come together and consider how the Love 2020 initiative could become a reality- not just a vision of what could be.  The affinity spheres included government officials, marriage and counseling ministries, denominational leaders, prison ministries, and others.  My invitation came because Tom Nebel with Converge Worldwide was asked to bring several church planting leaders to the table.

One of the presentations shared the history of evangelism around the world.  The Jesus Film was able to answer the “what” in many cultures that had no previous knowledge of the gospel.  The tract Four Spiritual Laws (and others) answered the “how” for those who were asking.  Now many in our culture are asking “why” because they have a negative image of Christianity.  Researcher George Barna just released a new study entitled Are Christians More like Jesus or More Like the Pharisees?  His findings revealed that most Christians lack Jesus’ love for others. 

The church planting affinity group I was a part of gave a report to the leadership at the end of the meeting that, “The church planting world is always excited and encouraged to get behind any initative that promotes Christians loving others the way Jesus loves us!”  We praise the Lord for leaders who have a passion to get the gospel not only presented but demonstrated by the love of Christ to every person in our nation.  We also expressed our skepticism that some might see this as the newest “bestest” program on the market to turn everything around for every ministry.

All of the church planting leaders felt that most planters are already striving to live missionally by demonstrating the love of Christ in as many practical ways as they can while being faithful to present and preach the whole gospel.  Our heart was, “Great idea!  Now let’s do it!”  Every believer can begin, right now, to reach those in their circle of influence through Prayer-Care-Share.  Our minds raced, “What could it look like?”  “What might God do if Christians began to make this their daily practice and lifestyle?”  

You do not have to wait for the packet to come out or receive the email update but you can start by praying faithfully and fervently for your neighbors, co-workers, family members, and others you know who need Christ.  You could check out and you will find a very simple biblical missional approach that every believer can follow.  We are called to be missionaries in our zip codes and remember that “The Holy Spirit moves in wonderful and mysterious ways when we pray for people.  He convicts, woos, and draws people to Jesus.”

The first step is Prayer: Praying for those who do not know Jesus.  Then you can Care: Show them love in tangible ways through acts of kindness and meeting needs.  Then it is time to Share: Share the gospel with them lovingly and appropriately.  We need winsome courageous believers who are not relying on their presentation but are looking to God for His power and presence to move in mighty ways.  Where might God be asking you to get started and who has he placed in your life to Pray-Care-Share!

Dr. Paul Cedar said, “We are not asking you to become involved in another short-term program.  We believe it is time for us to change our long-term lifestyle by becoming praying, caring, and sharing followers of Jesus.”

Every Christ follower can and should practice Prayer, Care, and Share!

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