Growing up there were many superstitions, wives’ tales, and myths that as you got older you realized, as much as you believed it then, they were not true.  Some were harmless and innocent but others caused fear because if you broke a mirror you believed you would have seven years bad luck.  Even intelligent people will knock on wood, wish on a falling star, and become visibly upset if a black cat crosses their path.  As a child, I remember carefully walking down a sidewalk and avoiding every crack because, “step on a crack break your mother’s back.” 

There are many church “myths” today that are spoken as if they are factual.  A myth is defined as, “an idea or story that is believed by many people but that is not true.”  Remember, a myth is called a myth because it has not been proven true.  The problem is that we hear myths, believe them, and then allow them to control our thinking and our behavior.  When churches believe myths rather than the truth it causes fear and can paralyze their ministries.  Things like, “If we build it they will come!” or “All we need is a really cool vision statement and then we will grow!”  Here are some other church “MYTHS:”

#1  Large churches have compromised the truth!  The size of a church, small or big, does not guarantee that the truth of the gospel is being handled correctly or that it is being compromised.  Church size – large, medium, or small does not guarantee depth any more than owning a Bible, going to church, and tithing means you are a Christian.  The size of a church and how healthy it actually is are independent characteristics.  Large churches are not a bad thing.  The church in Jerusalem was a large church. 

#2  Small churches cannot make an impact for God.  It is not how many attend a church that dictates a church’s ability to be used of God but the size of the church’s heart to bring glory to God.  Scott Attebery said it well,I’m afraid that some may have the mistaken impression that ‘small’ means a lack of mission or purpose. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. Some of the most passionate missional churches are relatively small congregations. Make no mistake about it, ‘small’ does not mean inferior.”

#3  Large churches are cold and unfriendly.  Actually, size does not dictate whether a church is friendly or unfriendly.  You can attend a small church where no one speaks to you or welcomes you.  The truth is that you don’t have to know everyone closely.  In U Turn Church Bob Bouwer says, “You need to know the One who does know everyone in your church.  Jesus is the common bond.  Outreach cannot be compromised because a church doesn’t want to stretch its comfort zone.”  Make sure that if you say you are a friendly church that you are!

#4  We are too small to do that!  The truth is that no matter what size you are, faith is required.  Faith requires risk because God is the only one who can accomplish the task to which He has called us.  When we stop being risk-takers, we soon become caretakers and before long you will be the undertaker.  What is happening in your church that can only be explained by God?  Actually, we can’t do it, but with His help we can.  Mark 10:27, “And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.”

#5  Large churches don’t care about smaller churches.  Actually, I have found the exact opposite to be true.  Pastors, staff, and members of “bigger” churches always seem ready to do anything they can help to help other churches and ministries.  Many of them have come along side of struggling congregations and shared with humility what they thought might help that church.  If you were to approach them you would find a support team ready to listen, pray with you, and share whatever they have that might help you.  Don’t be bashful, ask!

#6  We are too small to compete with the larger churches.  It is not a competition anyway.  If God has called you to that church then be faithful and strive to be fruitful.  There is a need for all kinds of churches and all sizes of churches.  We love to criticize what is different, mega-churches to house churches, but it they are scripturally sound and reaching people with the Gospel they have a unique place in God’s plan.  In the same way Paul told Timothy, “Let no man despise your youth” allow me to say, “Let no one despise your size!”

Healthy churches refuse to believe the “myths” and are always driven by the truth!

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