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Pastor Huddles!

Pastor and leader, you need a support group that will pray with you, speak into your life, and encourage you.  In a football game a huddle is where the play is given, everyone knows what needs to be done next, and then you leave the huddle ready to execute the plan as best you can. You may think you do not have time to meet with other pastors and leaders but you actually will be more effective by approaching ministry with a keen awareness of your need for other leaders speaking into your life.  Jesus focused on huddling His disciples together.

No one should be a better friend to pastors than other pastors.  Pastor, you understand the battle and the struggle in trying to lead your people to greater levels of spiritual maturity.  You know how your heart aches for your people to thrive in their walk with Christ and to not just go through the motions.  You know the joys and the pains of working with people and desiring more for their spiritual walk than they do.  The joys and challenges you have experienced need to be shared with others so they can rejoice with you and learn from you as well. 

The frenetic pace many leaders are keeping is not sustainable without times for being refreshed and recharged.  A pastor’s huddle can be very revitalizing as you share ideas, dream of better days ahead, and get advice from fellow servants who have already navigated the waters you are going through.  One way to be refreshed is to ask everyone to share something going well in their ministry so all of you can celebrate together.  When you rejoice with others it encourages them, encourages you, and gives you a fresh perspective of a desired future. 

A pastors huddle is meant to be a place of encouragement and a place of safety.  It needs to be a place where you can be completely transparent, honest, and open about your challenges and struggles.  It takes time to build trust but it can be built and is worth the effort in developing an environment of integrity and confidentiality.  II Corinthians 7:6 shows us this dynamic, “But God, who comforts the humble, comforted us by the arrival of Titus.”  Take the time and make the effort to spend time with other pastors to encourage them.  

A pastors huddle is not meant to only focus on ministry strategies, systems, and problem solving.  It is also a place where you can get encouragement for your own personal life, your family, and a host of other issues.  A huddle can even find ways to relax and enjoy one another’s company through a group activity such as golf, fishing, hunting, bowling, or playing paint ball.  Resolving conflicts and problems in your church ministry are important but they need to be secondary to encouragement, prayer, and your own personal soul care. 

A pastors huddle is place where you can share and brainstorm ideas, dream big about your vision for your ministry, and share resources.  Great leaders are readers and this is a great place to share what God has used in your life recently to help you and encourage you.  Great leaders are readers because they have a teachable spirit and are always ready to listen to what others are doing and learn what they can from whom they can.  It has been said that someone out there knows what you need to know and has been through what you are going through.

A pastors huddle is meant to be a mentoring environment where you learn from others who have been where you desire to go and are willing to help you get there.  These fellow servants get it because they have walked in your shoes before or they will walk in your shoes soon.  There is no need or room for guilt in these huddles but hopefully it will be a place for a lot of laughter, patience, and empathy.  It is where you can discuss potential small incremental steps that may help you or another pastor to move forward in a particular area.        

A pastors huddle is a place where there needs to be a lot of flexibility and willingness to adapt.  Sometimes it will be more structured but other times it will be very organic because of someone’s need to be heard, loved on, and encouraged.  Be ready and willing to be sensitive to the leadership of the Holy Spirit and not driven by an agenda or a lesson plan.  Sometimes you just need a good cup of coffee while hanging out with some good friends that will enable you to recharge and get refreshed because of the camaraderie.

Pastor, you need support and a pastors huddle is a great way to find that support.  These huddles may or may not be connected to our church health Activate process but they do not have to be.  The pastor who attends does not have to be involved in the Activate process at all.  The purpose is to encourage and help every pastor we can because church health must begin with the spiritual health of the pastor.  If you are not in a good place spiritually as the pastor then you cannot expect your church to be in a healthy place either.    

What do we have to offer one another?  We do not have all the answers nor are we the only available tool to help churches but through huddles we can offer friendship, prayers, brotherhood, connections, resources, a place to celebrate, and a willingness to listen.  We offer relationships that network us together as we look to learn from one another and encourage one another to promote love and good works.  We can offer our resources and the experience we have gained over the years as we have tried to faithfully serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.