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Spiritual Growth Campaigns


There is wisdom in a having a focused intentional spiritual emphasis in your church. A church wide campaign can help everyone focus on personal and relational renewal. When our hearts get right with the Lord and we are living in unity with our church family it causes us to recommit to the mission of God. A coordinated spiritual emphasis can renew, refresh, and recharge a church in rediscovering its purpose. Here are some steps to help you think through what a spiritual emphasis campaign might look like:

  1. Seek God about what spiritual growth emphasis you believe that He desires to be your focus. Is He calling you to bring attention to faith, hope, grace, or something else? There is no shortcut to discerning the mind of God. Plan a prayer retreat and ask Him what He wants your church to accentuate during this time.
  2. Decide how long an emphasis you should have. There is wisdom in a 6 – 8 week campaign by ensuring it is not too long nor too short. We are told that it takes 7 weeks to develop a habit and this reinforces that principle. Consider how this will unify the entire church while spotlighting a particular priority.
  3. Make sure you challenge your people by utilizing all of their different learning styles. Be sure to appeal to and plan to reach the visual, auditory, oral, or kinesthetic learner. A campaign can bring all of these learning styles together through a planned process that drives the learning home with a synchronized approach.
  4. Get every class and group to buy into the vision of a church wide campaign by casting a clear vision. It has been said that if there is a mist in the pulpit there will be a fog in the pew. You will not have any problem with most but the late adopters may need a little more time to get onboard. Communicate clearly the value of a campaign and ask them to give it a chance to work and you will evaluate afterwards.
  5. Be sure to begin promoting this at least 4 – 6 weeks before you begin. Have your small group leaders to begin talking about the next series and emphasis. Have testimonies from members whose lives were transformed through other campaigns. This celebrates the process and encourages your people to give their entire attention to this spiritual renewal time.

What does a campaign look like? How does it unify the church, revive the body, and bring about spiritual renewal?

  1. Preach a sermon series on the spiritual emphasis. This speaks loudly to the auditory learners and there is power in the preached word of God. This is a great starting point to help everyone focus on the same thing whether it would be spiritual gifts, evangelism and outreach, or prayer and spiritual disciplines.
  2. Read the same daily assigned scriptures. These can be written devotionals or challenge the congregation to S.O.A.P. the passages through journaling. They will be need to be taught and shown what this looks like to help them understand how that can reinforce this spiritual renewal emphasis.
  3. Discuss the sermons and scripture reading in your small groups or Sunday School classes. This gives your oral learners the opportunity to talk it out in a group setting. You can develop questions for your group facilitators to use during this time. Also, be sure to ask several to be ready to share what God is saying to them personally during this time.
  4. As a church, work on memorizing certain passages that emphasize that week’s focus. Memorization uses the eyes and the ears because most people can memorize better by saying it out loud over and over. It is also biblical because David said he hid God’s word in his heart so he would not sin against God.
  5. Take advantage of as many visual tools as you possibly can. Use power points in your messages, print memory verses in your bulletin, advertise the campaign on your website and Facebook. You can also find videos to show to your small groups that give great support to your emphasis. The more people that can “see” it, the better.
  6.  Provide a service opportunity that will apply the spiritual truth being focused upon during the campaign. If the emphasis is living on mission then what could your church “do” that would implement this truth. Brainstorm ways for them to show their commitment in practical ways in the neighborhood and community.

A spiritual growth campaign has been defined by Rick Warren as “a short intentional focus on spiritual growth.” He also says “the idea of a campaign is the secret sauce of Saddleback’s growth.” He gives three reasons for campaign’s effectiveness:

  1. It uses multiple learning styles (Hear It! Read It! Discuss It! Memorize It! Do It!)
  2. It uses multiple reinforcements, and it unifies the entire church.
  3. It will be well worth the time and effort to plan a campaign that will focus the entire church on a theme that God has placed upon your heart.

It must be something you are passionate about and promotes spiritual renewal through a planned synergy of studying and talking about the same spiritual focus. You cannot push all of the time but there are seasons where you as a church much turn up the heat and intensity.

Healthy churches prayerfully consider how they can unify the entire congregation through a spiritual growth emphasis that utilizes everyone’s learning styles. It also capitalizes upon unifying everyone so that healthy interaction and discovering spiritual truths happens as a group. Plan a campaign and equip your people to experience spiritual renewal!