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Do You Know How to Juggle?

Jam 3:15-18


     I don’t!  Juggling fascinates me but I have never been able to master it.  Maybe I don’t have the ability or maybe I never took the time to dedicate myself to learning how.  While juggling objects has never been one of my skills I have learned over the years a few things about the difficulties of juggling life.  In our Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI) training we teach twelve biblical principles that are the foundation for every lesson. Principle #10 is: “The church planter’s walk with God, family life, and ministry must be in biblical balance.”  Now that can be quite a juggling act at times.


     Juggling the priority of your family and your ministry can prove to be quite difficult.  When the choice is not easy or you know that whatever decision you make is a “no win situation” it can make you feel like you are juggling 20 balls and they are all about to come crashing down hard to the ground.  Is there anything we can do that would help us juggle difficult situations, difficult people, and difficult decisions?  Yes there is!  Decide what you believe should be the top five priorities of your life.  Here is a suggested list:

  • ·         Your relationship with the Lord!
  • ·         Your relationship with your wife.
  • ·         Your relationship with your family.
  • ·         Your ministry.
  • ·         Your health.


     If you value these priorities then you must invest in them daily.  If they are not in the right order or if they are not taken care of properly your life could become a juggling act gone bad.  What we choose to value the most is what shapes us into who we are.  Remember, values are confirmed by actions, not by words.  They enable us to determine what to do and what not to do.  When you value your relationship with the Lord more than anything else in your life then many choices become easier.  When you value your wife and family over high maintenance members then you are not trying to juggle but rather you are choosing Godly priorities.


     What you value the most must tower over other decisions and then you are not juggling but you are making choices determined by the Lord, His word, and the Holy Spirit.  They are not just preferred values “saying” what is important to you but they are practiced values that are obvious patterns of behavior in your life.  Values are not preferences, they must be our convictions. Values have these characteristics:


  • ·         Consistent – they rarely change. 
  • ·         Passionate – they generate emotion and energy. 
  • ·         Biblical – they are rooted in scripture. 
  • ·         Distinctive – they reflect God’s unique assignment for your life.
  • ·         Convictions – they influence what you do! (not what you say)


     When a decision of equal value has to be made (what to wear, where to eat, etc) it can actually be a more difficult decision.  Raising the value of one option over the other is the key.  When one option has a much greater value than the other choice, it is much easier to decide.  For example, when you value your family it is clear that your first responsibility is to lead them before leading anyone else.  With Jesus as Lord of our lives a lot of decisions have already been made for us.  Establishing Godly values through conviction before you are faced with a difficult decision is invaluable. It makes decisions much easier because you have already decided you will make your choices based on Godly values.


     I recently read Kingdom Matrix, a must read, by Jeff Christopherson.  It has really challenged me in many areas.  Allow me to quote one of the things that really caught my eye and my heart.  “Positionally, I may have been transported from darkness into the Kingdom of Light, but functionally as a Little Christ, I must relentlessly choose to make Light-like decisions moment by moment.”  Don’t juggle!!!  The ministry tends to intensify the stress and strain of family life just like a magnifying glass intensifies the heat of sunlight.  Prioritize your values and make your choices based on those values as you are led by the Holy Spirit.