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P5 Multiplication Timeline



This is my third recent blog on P5 Multiplication with the strong conviction that we must start multiplying not just adding!  Be sure to read the previous two:

  • P5 Multiplication – June 24, 2015
  • P5 Multiplication Centers – June 26, 2015

Every church should consider where they are in the P5 process and begin working towards being involved in multiplying disciples, leaders, and churches.  What will it look like when you are ready to reproduce by planting a church?

 P5 Multiplication is a 5-Step process:

  • Pray
  • Prepare
  • Partner
  • Parent
  • Plant

P5 Multiplication Centers develop a clear process of discipleship that leads potential church planting teams through an apprentice program in a local church.  They teach individuals how to make disciples right where they live, right now!

  1. They participate as a member of a small group.  (3-6 months)
  2. They are a co-leader of a small group.   (3-6 months)
  3. They start a small group from scratch.  (3-6 months)

The common question is, “How do we get started?” or “How do we get involved?”  Here are items to consider for being a part of the P5 Multiplication movement that we are asking God to make a reality.  The following list is not exhaustive but is meant to serve as guide to help think through steps that can facilitate multiplication:


0 – 6 MONTHS:

  • Prayer Retreat (Location, Planter, Team, Level of Involvement, Time, etc.)
  • Read Acts and a book on Church Planting
  • Develop a Sermon Series on Church Planting
  • Cast Vision with Key Leaders and Influencers
  • Develop L.E.A.D. Team (Partners who Learn, Encourage, Achieve, and Dream together)
  • Schedule Churches Planting Churches Training – Dynamic Church Planting International (
  • Through DCPI training develop your V.I.P. (Vision, Involvement, Plan)
  • Develop an Understanding of the P5 Process (Determine Your Level of Commitment)

(Pray, Prepare, Partner, Parent, Plant)

  • Attend and/or Organize a Multiplication Center (Mentoring Group can be as small as 2-3)
  • Decide on your Discipleship Engine/Process
  • Form a Daughter Church Task Force inside your Church
  • Send Key Leaders to Visit Successful Church Plants
  • Host information and prayer meetings for the daughter church project

*Churches that have planted daughter churches are growing 3 times faster than those who have not.  (Natural Church Development)


 6 – 12 Months:

  • Prayer Retreat (Discipleship Process, location of team, partnerships, etc.)
  • Read the Epistles with a focus on Leadership Development
  • Begin to Develop a Church Planting Prospectus
  • Celebrate Church Planting in Creative Ways
  • Candidate and location selected
  • Schedule an Assessment (Do not skip this step)
  • Schedule Church Planting Essentials Training – Dynamic Church Planting International (
  • Through DCPI training develop your V.P.T. (Vision, Plan, Timeline)
  • Begin researching the Potential Location (Demographics, Exegete the Culture, etc.)
  • Secure partnerships or become a partner
  • Recruit Team
  • Develop Launch Team
  • Partner Church Commitment Worksheet

*It is not the size of the church but the size of the church’s heart that makes the difference.

*What do you need to plant a church?

  • A burden for lost people
  • A willingness to step out in faith
  • A vision for a region
  • A kingdom mindset


12 – 18 Months:

  • Prayer Retreat (Pray for Laborers, Person of Peace, divine appointments, etc)
  • Schedule Mentoring Church Planters Training – Dynamic Church Planting International (
  • Through DCPI training develop your Mentoring Vision Statement and Plan
  • Have Budget in Place and Partnerships Finalized
  • Church Planting Agreement Signed (Under Promise and Over Deliver)
  • Church Planter and Team are in Place.
  • Coach is Selected and Coaching
  • Find Persons of Peace and begin Building Relationships
  • Plan Servant Evangelism activities
  • Plan Small Groups meetings as opportunities become available
  • 50% of time must be sent with unbelievers (Do the work of an Evangelist)
  • Baptize New Believers
  • Begin Reporting to Partners

*Make sure you are ready before you launch!

*Schedule Vision Casting meetings with those who might be interested in being a part of the journey!


18 – 24 Months:

  • Prayer Retreat (Pray for disciples to become disciple makers, Pray for workers and leaders, Pray for your city, etc)
  • Continue doing the things that got you where you are! If they are working!
  • Focus must be on making disciples that make disciples
  • Host multiple “taste and see” gatherings
  • Develop systems that will maintian the vision and keep it moving forward
  • Improve follow-up systems and intentionally follow-up on all newcomers
  • Start new missional communities
  • Keep building relationships and networking—This is critical!!!
  • Keep meeting 25 new people a week
  • Remember once the formal worship services begin the show can drive everything if not careful.
  • Look for critical mass (Normally need 40 – 50 adults to have 200 for launch service)
  • Be missional and attractional!

*The goal is to reach as many people as we possibly can with the gospel!

*The goal is to make disciples of those who were not following Jesus!

There are many other things you could possibly add to the list but remember to, “Plan your Work and then Work Your Plan.”  Also remember that no battle strategy survives the first conflict!  You must be ready to adapt and make changes as necessary.  The driving force behind all of this is to go and make disciples!!!